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Natural Stone – Fissures vs Cracks

Natural stone, granite, marble, quartzite, etc., is made by, well, nature. Man has nothing to do with it. But it can have natural, unique occurrences in it called fissures. Here we will explore the differences between fissures and cracks and... ..Read More

Choices for Modern Kitchen Sinks

There was a time when cast iron was about the only choice for a kitchen sink. Today, there are so many more choices.  ..Read More

Sinks Are Important

Some people view sinks as an afterthought when designing a kitchen or changing out a countertop. Once you pick a sink, if you discover you do not like it, it can very costly and time consuming if not impossible to... ..Read More

What gives granite its shine?

The mineral mica is found in granite. It is one of the things that gives granite a shimmery shine. Here are a few things you should know about mica. ..Read More

Stone and Quartz Backsplash Options

Get valuable information about the purpose of a backsplash, what could happen if there is no backsplash, and the pros and cons of various backsplash heights. ..Read More

Why Stone Thicknesses Matter

If you are in the market for a new countertop installation, you may have noticed that countertops come in a variety of thicknesses. Perhaps you have questions. This article provides important details about countertop thickness that can help you make... ..Read More

Ingestible Countertop Material?

Most people are familiar with the idea that marble is used for floors, countertops, and the like. In this article, you'll discover that marble has many other uses, some of them ingestible! ..Read More

Man-Made Quartz vs Natural Stone Countertops

If you have been considering stone countertops, there are many high quality materials on the market today that will improve the value of your home. This article will help you familiarize yourself with the differences between man-made quartz stone and... ..Read More

Glossary of Natural Stone Finishes

Choosing the right natural stone finish for your intended use is essential. Our glossary of finishes will help you understand natural stone finishes and what finish is best for your purposes. ..Read More

Pros and Cons of Prefab Countertops

If you are considering going with prefabricated countertops rather than custom cut slab countertops in order to save money, it's important to understand that your investment decision involves more than just price. Here are the pros and cons of prefabricated... ..Read More

Slab Selection and So-Called Imperfections

When it comes to slab inspection, the most important thing to remember is that what you see is what you get. Here's what you need to know before you make a final decision on a slab purchase. ..Read More

Stone Fabrication. Stone Restoration. What’s the Difference?

Are you considering natural stone as a material for your kitchen or bath new construction or renovation plans? You'll need to enlist the services of both a stone fabricator and a stone restoration contractor. Here are the details. ..Read More

Bookmatched Slabs as a Focal Point

This article explains what bookmatched slabs are and how to best incorporate them as a dramatic focal point in your home's design scheme. ..Read More

Countertops: Your Essential Guide

Thinking about purchasing new countertops? You're going to love the SurpHace BUZZ magazine Kitchen Countertop edition! When you begin your search for the right countertop material for your new kitchen, it is important to educate yourself on all your options... ..Read More

The Mystery of Ancient Stone Fabrication

Ancient craftsmen were able to accomplish excellent work without the tools available to stone fabricators today. How did they do it? Here's what we know... ..Read More

3 Tips for Countertop Selection

The best way to tackle the task of countertop selection is to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible. Here are some tips to help you make the most appropriate selection. ..Read More

Is My Countertop Quartzite or Marble?

Quartzite will not etch or scratch. Unfortunately, marble is often sold as quartzite. This article explains the difference so that you can tell what countertop material you are purchasing. ..Read More

Why Backsplashes Are Essential

Budget-conscious clients sometimes want to cut corners with the backsplash to save money. This article explains why a backsplash should be considered essential. ..Read More

Carrara Marble Countertops: Michelangelo’s Preferred Stone

Michelangelo’s famous statue of David was sculpted from Carrara Marble. Learn more about this gorgeous, relatively affordable countertop material. ..Read More

Questions to Ask When Selecting Stone

Here are some important questions you should be asking yourself as you consider what type of natural stone to select for your new installation. ..Read More

Best Countertops for Food Safety

Practicing safe food preparation and having the appropriate kitchen countertops can help prevent foodborne illness. Here are our recommendations. ..Read More

The Coronavirus and Your Stone Countertops

Can the coronavirus survive on my stone countertop? What do I use on my stone to properly kill the virus? Get coronavirus answers from stone expert, Fred Hueston. ..Read More

Comparing Stone-Like Tiles and Actual Stone Tiles

Although the word "tile" is used to describe both manmade and natural stone tiles, differences can affect the cost and longevity of your installation. ..Read More

Dimension Stone Panels: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Are you considering having dimension stone panels installed? This article examines the pros and cons and describes some beautiful alternative options. ..Read More

Selecting Stone? Consider Soft Water Damage

You've likely heard of hard water damage on natural stone, but did you know that soft water can also damage it? Learn how to protect susceptible stone. ..Read More

Caring For Your New Stone Countertops

Stone is relatively easy to care for, but does require regular cleaning and maintenance to remain beautiful. Here are some care tips for your new stone. ..Read More

What You Should Know About Stone Countertop Sealers

An experienced, professional countertop fabricator will know which stone sealer is best, based on the type of stone and the location where the stone is used. ..Read More

Granite or Soapstone? What’s the Difference?

This article offers details on granite and soapstone. Know what to expect as you select your countertop material so you can make an informed decision. ..Read More

Repurposing Stone Slab Remnants

Each natural stone slab is a unique, valuable geological display, so it makes sense to use as much of the material as possible by repurposing the remnants. ..Read More

Crack or Fissure? What’s the Difference?

Sometimes these "cracks" in natural stone countertops are not cracks at all, but fissures, something that resembles a crack. Read more to learn the difference. ..Read More

Quartzite. Quartz. What’s the Difference?

Sometimes people confuse the two materials, given their similar names and appearances. Read this article to learn how they differ before you make a decision. ..Read More

Pros and Cons of Full Slab Showers

If you want to select the most appropriate and attractive surface materials for your new shower, consider a full slab installation. Here are the pros and cons. ..Read More

Why Quartzite Is Better Than Limestone For Showers

If you have been considering limestone for your new shower installation, we think you may be better off with quartzite. Read this article to learn why. ..Read More

Deciding Between Granite and Marble Countertops

Read about the differences in price, durability, appearance, and maintenance for granite and marble countertops so you can make an informed decision. ..Read More

The Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Resining

Natural stone has inherent imperfections. Resin fills, reinforces, and strengthens the durability of natural stone, but can be problematic if not done properly. ..Read More

Kitchen Design Dos and Don’ts

Food prep and socializing are most enjoyable in a well-designed kitchen. Here are a few suggestions, as well as mistakes to avoid in your kitchen design. ..Read More

Countertop Installation: Potential Problems

Preexisting imperfections in cabinets, walls, and other surfaces require some creativity and ingenuity to resolve for the best possible installation. ..Read More

Going Cheap With Selecting a Fabricator May Be Costly

To ensure the best possible quality and installation of your natural stone countertops, select your fabricator carefully. Here are a few tips. ..Read More

Why Travertine Isn’t Countertop Material

Travertine is a smart choice for floors, showers, and more. Have you ever wondered why more people don't choose it for their countertops? Here are the details. ..Read More

New Trend: No More Bar Height Tops

The recent buzz among fabricators and installers is that they are noticing that more and more of their customers are opting to do away with bar height tops. ..Read More