Tips for choosing your granite company

7 Questions to Ask Yourself when Choosing a Granite Company

Choosing a company to fabricate and install your new countertops is an important one. While natural stone countertops are beautiful and add value to your home, they are a considerable investment and a homeowner must choose carefully.

In doing so, a homeowner should ask the following questions:

1. Are they a full-service shop?

Some granite companies claim to be full-service companies, but many times they are actually just fabricators (they just cut and polish the stone) and then subcontract the installation (the tops are installed by non-employee subcontractors). On the flip side, some granite companies are simply installers who then subcontract the fabrication.

The disadvantage of this arrangement for the homeowner is whenever there is a problem on the job – either with the soundness of the material, the accuracy of the cuts or the quality of the installation – who will take responsibility? Will it be the fabricator or the installer and will it be handled with ease and to your satisfaction?

The Granite Guys are the only true, full-service fabricator/installer in the Golden Triangle. All of our jobs are fabricated and installed by our employees under our supervision. If there is ever any problem during the fabrication or installation process, you simply make one call and it will be addressed to your satisfaction.

2. How much experience and training does your fabricator/installer have?

The Granite Guys employees have over 14 years of combined experience. Employees are sent to training seminars, industry trade shows and receive extensive on-the-job training. We fabricate and install all jobs using only the latest industry wide techniques and procedures, ensuring your countertops will provide you long lasting beauty and value.

3. Are references provided on a timely basis when requested?

Past performance is a good indicator of future success. The Granite Guys have fabricated and installed over 800 residential and commercial projects, more than any other granite company in the area. We are proud to offer you a list of our customers.

4. If there is ever any damage to your home or a physical injury, is your fabricator/installer fully insured?

While no one ever plans for accidents, they do happen. Without proper insurance, damage to your property may not be properly repaired or a lawsuit may be filed against you for any injury on your property.

The Granite guys have in place a Comprehensive Liability policy and a full Workers Compensation policy. Copies of insurance certificates are available upon request.

5. Supplier Relationships.

One measure of a fabricator’s expertise and dependability can be determined by their supplier relationships. “Exclusive” supplier relationships ensure consistent stone quality, competitive pricing and access to exclusive materials not available to other fabricators.

The Granite Guys are the exclusive fabricator and distributor for G&L Marble, the largest wholesale natural stone supplier in the Southeast.

The Granite Guys are the exclusive fabricator of Zodiaq Quartz, one of the top three largest quartz suppliers in the United States.

The Granite Guys are the exclusive fabricator of Icestone Recycled Glass countertops.

The Granite Guys are the exclusive fabricator of Vetrazzo Recycled Glass countertops.

The Granite Guys also offer stone and quartz from the following suppliers: Triton Stone Group (Birmingham, AL & Southhaven, MS), Natural Stone Distributors (Jackson, MS), Caesarstone, HanStone, Silestone, and LG Surfaces Quartz.

6. Industry Affiliations.

The Granite Guys are proud members of the following industry associations:

  • The Marble Institute of America
  • Stone Fabricators Alliance
  • Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partner
  • National Home Builders Association
  • Golden Triangle Home Builders Association
7. Does your fabricator / installer offer a warranty?

The Granite Guys offer a Lifetime Waranty on all workmanship. In addition, some of our stone suppliers offer a warranty on their material which is passed on to our customers when applicable.

  1. The Granite Group, International
  2. Triton Stone
  3. Natural Stone Distributors
  4. Zodiaq Quartz
  5. HanStone
  6. Silestone
  7. Caesarstone Quartz
  8. LG Surfaces
  9. Vetrazzo Glass