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Hardware Resources sells much more than just hardware.

We can order pre-built vanities and kitchen island bases from them. They are also a great resource to find unique corbels to support extended countertop overhangs.

Hardware Resources aspires to offer its customers the best service and quality. They continually add to their collections, inspiring new trends in interior design, and they insist that their products meet rigorous standards for durability and elegance. Before they add a product to their collections, they submit them for customer testing to ensure they’ll stand up to real-life, daily use.

Hardware Resources backs up your purchase with a lifetime warranty. They believe in their products, and you should too!

To make it easier to choose between the many options, they break them into categories by room. They also offer a free sample if you want to see how it looks with your cabinets before making the final decision. Handpick your favorite from several finishes, from polished chrome to brushed gold to matte black.

Jeffery Alexander

We pride ourselves on offering the best brands in our showroom. Jeffery Alexander is our most popular brand of accessory hardware because they provide a wide selection at a reasonable cost. You could go with the sleek, modern handles of their Annadale series or for rustic old-world charm check out their Zurich series. If you are looking for a farm-style look check out their hardware from their Belcastel or Dominique series.


While Hardware Resources’ Jeffery Alexander collection caters to those with modern tastes, the Elements collection serves those who prefer traditional, classic looks. Their Cypress line looks like it came straight from an antique shop, and their Madison line will remind you of pleasant memories from your grandmother’s house. Elements’ Gibson line offers a minimalistic feel and is perfect for commercial use.

Hardware Resources prides itself on its recreation of the classics. Artisan-styled from sturdy base metals, Elements decorative hardware harmonizes with your home or business, and they offer longer cabinet and drawer pull options for people with limited hand mobility.

The Elements collection includes a selection of shower rods, towel rings, and towel bars. These come in several beautiful finishes. Since these products are often used in bathrooms, the Elements’ products have been rated to withstand excessive moisture and humidity.

The Elements collection includes a selection of shower rods and towel rings. These come in several beautiful finishes; you can get robe hooks or a safety bar to match! Since customers generally use these products in the bathroom, they are exposed to moisture and humidity.

Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources offers a lifetime warranty against any tarnishing or rusting. They will send you a replacement product if you submit a photo of the damage.

For more information, you can refer to the Finish Guide and Pull Guide at Hardware Resources.

Finish Guide

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Pull Guide

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