Corian Quartz

What is Corian Quartz?

Corian Quartz offers the largest low-maintenance selection of countertops. Their innovation led to this virtually indestructible collection that brings class and elegance to your home. From wood patterns, like their Mahogany and Beech Nuwoods, to their Basalt Terrazzo, which rivals granite’s beauty, you’re sure to find an option to fit your aesthetic.

What are the Pros of Corian Quartz?

  • Corian Quartz resists staining and scratching.
  • You don’t have to worry about using pot holders or trivets because Corian Quartz resists heat.
  • Corian Quartz can withstand the elements, making it an excellent choice for your outdoor kitchen.
  • It is low maintenance. You don’t have to apply polishes or waxes to keep it looking new.
  • If you damage your countertop, you can quickly fix it. Unlike other quartz options, you can buy patch kits for Corian Quartz countertops. (For severe damage, please seek professional assistance.)
  • If you don’t like visible seams, Corian Quartz offers seamless surfaces!
  • Made of recycled glass, it’s an eco-friendly choice!

What are the Cons of Corian Quartz?

  • Corian Quartz may be more expensive than other quartz options.
  • In the last two years, Corian’s innovation has led to a primarily con-free product.

How to Care and Maintain Corian Quartz

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down surfaces.
  • If you have a sticky stain that resists wiping, use a plastic putty knife to clean the surface.

The Best Uses of Corian Quartz

Corian Quartz serves as a fantastic choice for your business or your home. It provides classical beauty with a modern elegance without burdening the environment!

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