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What is Vetrazzo?

Vetrazzo is made from recycled glass. Because the glass is recycled from many sources, no two countertops will be identical. This makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

What are the Pros of Vetrazzo?

  • Natural resources cannot compete with the sustainability of Vetrazzo.
  • Its durability rivals that of granite.
  • It tolerates heat and resists moisture, and its specially designed-sealant prevents the growth of bacteria.

What are the Cons of Vetrazzo?

  • While Vetrazzo is not as high-maintenance as marble or granite, you must be careful to clean spills because acidic liquids can wear away the protective sealant.
  • A protective agent, such as marble wax, can be used to prolong the life of the sealant if used twice a year. The good news is that you can tell when to apply the wax. Splash water onto the surface; if it beads up, no wax is needed; if it absorbs, apply marble wax.

How to Care and Maintain Vetrazzo

Please do not use abrasive cleaners on your Vetrazzo countertops as these will impact the sealant. A gentle, green cleaner will keep them shiny and germ free. Occasionally applying a marble polish will keep them looking as amazing as they did the day they arrived.

The Best Uses of Vetrazzo

You can use Vetrazzo in place of any natural stone. Its highly polished surface is nontoxic, nonporous, and heat resistant. It offers the best fashion statement without harming the earth or the environment.

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