Frequently Asked Questions


That’s a complicated question. You’ll want to share with us your kitchen habits. Do you cook frequently? Would the surface be exposed to heat or spills? You want to focus on usage more than the look. Once we know that factor, we can help you find that material in a color or pattern that suits your needs.
Don’t worry about measuring. We use a digital template machine to ensure accurate measurements. Since we do offer free estimates, you can let us do the work for you!

This depends on the type of material you choose. If you prefer a seamless finish, we recommend something like Corian Quartz.

 Quartz countertops are made with quartz and polymer resin, making them a manufactured product. Depending on which option you choose, they can be cheaper than natural stone. Many people prefer them because they are nonporous and don’t require polishing or resealing.

Yes and no. Quartz countertops resist most food stains and kitchen spills. However, permanent marker, dyes, and other solvents can stain your countertops.

Granite’s crystalline structure makes it prone to pitting. Though polishing can fix most of these pits and fissures, please understand that this is a natural occurrence, and it does not mean you received a defective product.


We require approval of the particular slab(s) being used for your job before any fabrication begins.

No, we do not charge an up front fee for an estimate. There may be special circumstances where we will need to charge a fee but you will be told prior to the estimate being provided so you can determine how you want to proceed.


We require approval of the particular slab(s) being used for your job before any fabrication begins.

No. We require that all cabinets be bare before installing stone on them. If you wish to have us handle the demolition of the existing countertops, please advise the sales office in advance.

Yes, please clear your countertops and empty all cabinets and drawers. We will not be held responsible for damage to anything in cabinets or drawers.


  • Step 1: Sign a contract and return it to us with a deposit.
  • Step 2: Once we receive the signed contract and deposit, we will assign you an approximate installation date.
  • Step 3: At that time, a stone will be reserved and/or ordered. Please remember that jobs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Not all countertops have seams. but if you would like to approve a seam layout before fabrication of your countertops, please notify us upon signing your contract. Seam placement will be determined by us and will be based upon available slab sizes and cabinet configuration. Seams are not guaranteed to be invisible.

While every job is different, the average waiting period is approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of deposit. This time is necessary for acquiring material, measuring, templating, fabrication and installation.

Please see our Stone Care Tips page where you can download our Stone and Tile Care Guide. It provides a wealth of information pertaining to caring for your stone.

Certain disclaimers, which must be understood in the event that work is performed in an occupied, existing home, which may not apply to new construction. We are not responsible for the following:

  1. Plumbing or electrical work.
  2. Removal, disposal, or reinstallation of existing material, unless stated in the proposal.
  3. If the proposal includes demolition, plumbing fixtures intended for reuse must be removed prior to our removal of existing material or they will be discarded. There is NO guarantee of their condition after removal.
  4. Damage to wallpaper, sheetrock, carpet, doors, trim, cabinets, or mirrors.
  5. Removal or reinstallation of mirrors or glass doors.
  6. Bracing, trim, or cabinetwork.
    7. The inevitable dust caused during the installation process. We suggest that precautions be taken to limit the spread of dust, by covering the nearby areas and turning off the air conditioning during the installation.

YES. All cabinets (including the island) need to be set in place. They should be painted or stained as well. The countertops (& backsplash) installation is the FINAL stage.

Every job is different, but the installation of a granite or quartz slab kitchen usually takes one full day. A bathroom vanity install usually takes one-half day. If you are doing both, they can usually be done on the same day.

Yes, you will be responsible for contracting a plumber and/or electrician to re-connect your sinks, stoves, downdrafts, disposals, outlets, and any other plumbing or electrical devices.

Every demolition job is different, but on average, it takes only a few hours and can be done by most homeowners. However, the removal of some countertops may take a full day (ceramic tile, etc.). There is an existing charge for us to remove and dispose of your existing countertops.

We actually prefer that you view and approve your slabs once they arrive at our shop prior to fabrication beginning on your countertops.

A tile backsplash takes 2-3 days to complete. Any prep-work along with setting the tiles is done the day after the countertop install. The grouting and sealing is done on the following 2 days. A standard 4″ granite backsplash will be installed with your new countertops. A full-height slab granite backsplash usually takes one day to complete, however, it is typically put in 2-3 days after the granite countertops have been installed. This is because the backsplash is not measured until after the countertops are in place, and it must be fabricated in the shop before it can be installed. 

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