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Natural Stones

The timeless look of natural stone will grace your home for generations. Come by our showroom and look at our stock of granite, marble, quartzite, and soapstone. Run your hand over the smooth surface and understand why the ancients used these materials to grace their cathedrals, palaces, and monuments.


Discover Application for Granite

One of the hardest materials on earth, granite’s beauty, and elegance make it a prestigious and practical countertop. Its natural variations make your work surface unique!
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Discover Application for Marble

Marble enhances the natural light of your kitchen. This timeless surface withstands heat, stains, and scratches to grace your kitchen for generations to come.
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Discover Application for Soapstone

Soapstone’s natural beauty offers a more affordable, sleek look for the modern home. Its durability and low maintenance make it the perfect, stress-free option.
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Discover Application for Quartzite

Environmentally friendly, our quartzite countertops enhance your home’s beauty. Easy to maintain, durable, and nontoxic, quartzite’s variety of colors and patterns are sure to fit your needs.
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Discover Application for Travertine

 Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, travertine’s rugged surface offers a luxurious touch to your home without breaking your wallet. It is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and affordable. 
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Discover Application for Onyx

Both rare and beautiful, onyx comes in light, honey colors or deep grays and blacks. Backlighting can showcase its translucence.
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Discover Application for Limestone

Of all natural stones, Limestone boasts affordability. Readily available and durable, Limestone brings a classic and timeless look to your home.
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Composed of 94% natural quartz and technologically advanced polymers, our quartz countertops resist stains, scratches, most household chemicals, and moderate heat. Each manufacturer we represent continually creates color and quartz designs that influence trends and inspire creative applications.


Discover Application for Vadara

Versatile and durable, interior designers predict that Vadara will be the kitchen trend in 2023. Its durability and affordability makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen.
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Discover Application for Cambria

Stronger than natural stone, Cambria resists scratching and staining. 100% made in the USA, Cambria offers the look of natural stone at a price you can afford.
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Quartz from MSI

Discover Application for Quartz from MSI

Family owned and operated, Quartz from MSI offers a wide variety of color options. From elegant beige and white to pops of color like red, you’ll find the perfect option for your home.
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Elements Quartz

Discover Application for Elements Quartz

Elements Quartz offers non-porous, scratch resistant counters that will serve you for years. Low-maintenance, durable, you can’t choose a better countertop for your busy kitchen.
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Discover Application for Caesarstone

Made of 94% quartz, Caesarstone’s unrivaled durability makes it one of the best countertop options. It resists scratches, stains, and heat!
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Corian Quartz

Discover Application for Corian Quartz

Corian Quartz prides itself on its sustainability. Cheaper than some of the other quartzite options, Corian offers significant advantages over natural stone.
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Prestige by BPI

Discover Application for Prestige by BPI

Quality tested and expertly formulated, Prestige by BPI insists on maintaining its strict standards to ensure that you get your money’s worth.
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Silestone by Cosentino

Discover Application for Silestone by Cosentino

Cosentino’s HybriQ+ technology puts it ahead of its quartz competitors. Designed to withstand staining, scratches, and etching, Silestone guarantees that your counters will last a lifetime.
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Discover Application for Viatera

Viatera resists bacteria. It boasts seamless, polished surfaces that fit your needs! Choose from the Classic Collection if you prefer natural colors or a bolder pattern from their Masterpiece Collection.
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Discover Application for Vicostone

Food safe and environmentally friendly, Vicostone’s durability surpasses its natural stone and manufactured countertop competitors. Their collection of colors and unique designs make them the perfect choice for your home!
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Discover Application for VetrazzoI

The world saw trash. Vetrazzo saw opportunity. Using discarded glass, Vetrazzo formulates durable countertops that bring a unique beauty to your home while benefitting the planet. 
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Additional Products

In order to help you complete the project of your dreams, we provide additional products that can be used in the design process.  These products are available to you at the lowest cost possible so that you can get everything in one shop shopping.


Discover Flooring Options

We have a nice collection of flooring options that we provide at very good prices. As a counterstop company, we want are clients to have the look that makes their counters stand out. We provide the flooring options to ensure that your space is perfect.
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Discover Faucets

Like our flooring, we have a nice collection of faucet options that we provide at very good prices.  Helping our clients have everything they need to ensure that their space is perfect is important to us. 
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Discover Corbels

The weight of some countertop materials stresses the framework of your cabinets, leading them to sag over time. Get ahead of the curve and purchase corbels to keep your countertops as straight as our laser levels could make them.  
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Discover Cleaners

You want to keep your countertops looking as pristine and shiny as the day we installed them. We can help you choose the perfect product to sanitize your home.
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Discover Polishes

Natural stone requires annual polishing. You could spend hours trying to figure out which product would work best for your countertops, or you could ask us, the experts!
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Discover Sealants

Natural stone requires sealants. Its natural, porous surface creates a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. Avoid the stink! Ask us to recommend the perfect sealant for your home!
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