What is Vicostone?

Engineered for busy people, Vicostone provides a durable, scratch-free surface. GREENGUARD GOLD certified, third-party testers ensure that every countertop is food-safe, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. It serves homes, healthcare facilities, and schools.

What are the Pros of Vicostone?

  • Some quartz countertops produce gasses that irritate sensitive people, but Vicostone ensures that their countertops do not do this.
  • Vicostone’s antimicrobial capability means you can enjoy germ-free counters, knowing that your choice also benefits the environment!
  • Third-party testing shows that Vicostone rivals natural stone in its durability, and–since it’s nonporous, it is low-maintenance!
  • It offers the best options for your commercial countertop needs.

What are the Cons of Vicostone?

  • Vicostone does not resist heat. Use pot holders or trivets.
  • Cutting foods directly on the countertops will scratch or chip them. To avoid this, we recommend using cutting boards.
  • Certain chemicals react badly with Vicostone. Please keep acetone and harsh chemicals away from your countertops.

How to Care and Maintain Vicostone

  • Daily cleaning with mild soap and water will keep your Vicostone looking pristine.
  • Use pot holders or trivets; do not place hot pans directly on the surface.
  • Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners. Most environmentally friendly cleaners will do the trick.

The Best Uses of Vicostone

Vicostone can make your business or home look classy without the hefty price tag and maintenance of natural stone. It works equally well in bathrooms and kitchens! Please do not install it outdoors.

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