"We offer a variety of products to help our clients create a home they will love for many years to come.

Choosing cohesive backsplash, sinks, flooring, and all other elements is an overwhelming process. At our shop, you can view your countertops, along with backsplash, flooring, and sinks to ensure that you will love the end result.

We offer a variety of products to help our clients create a home they will love for many years to come.

Tile & Backsplash

Discover Tile & Backsplash Options

Whether you need tile for the perfect backsplash, or you want to choose flooring to match your countertops, come into our showroom to put together the perfect kitchen.

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Discover Sink Options

Some countertops require certain sinks. Skip the guesswork and let us help you choose the perfect sink that will serve your needs and fit your countertops.
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Discover Accessories

The right accessories give your home a finished look. We offer a selection of accessories so you can make one stop to furnish your kitchen.
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Discover Flooring Options

We have a nice collection of flooring options that we provide at very good prices.
As a countertop company, we want our clients to have the look that makes their counters stand out. We provide the flooring options to ensure that your space is perfect.

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Discover Faucets

Even though we do not carry faucets, we can help you evaluate your choices so that the final design is beautiful.
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Discover Corbels

Extended countertop overhangs can be dangerous if left unsupported. Check out our options for bracing & support.
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Discover Cleaners

You want to keep your countertops looking as pristine and shiny as the day we installed them. We can help you choose the perfect product to sanitize your home.
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Discover Polishes

Natural stone requires annual polishing. You could spend hours trying to figure out which product would work best for your countertops, or you could ask us, the experts!
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Discover Sealants

Natural stone requires sealants. Its natural, porous surface creates a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. Avoid the stink! Ask us to recommend the perfect sealant for your home!
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