What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a natural stone with high quartz content, giving it a fantastic shimmering quality that brings a sense of movement and energy. While it can have several hues, the most common quartzite slabs are predominantly white or gray.

What are the Pros of Quartzite?

  • This countertop doesn’t break down in sunlight, making it an excellent option for outdoor kitchens.
  • It is more durable than marble, and as a harder stone, it is difficult to damage and wears very well over time.
  • It is naturally heat and bacteria-resistant.
  • If you don’t like the dark flecks of granite, you can choose this option, which is just as strong as granite.

What are the Cons of Quartzite?

  • Quartzite is another porous stone, so it requires a sealant.
  • Like granite, harder than marble, Quartzite is more scratch and stain resistant than other natural stones. However, we recommend using a cutting board to avoid impacting the sealant.

How to Care and Maintain Quartzite

  • Avoid harsh cleaners. Use mild soap and water. You can also use a marble polish if you like.
  • To keep your counters shiny and germ-free, apply a fresh coat of sealant at least once per year.

The Best Uses of Quartzite

You can use quartzite just like any other natural stone. The only difference is that you can use quartzite outside.
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