Countertop Installation Process

The process starts when you come to our showroom. We have an extensive collection of raw slabs for you to consider. We can also show you samples of the different polishes, so you pick the perfect one! When you’ve chosen your slab and polish for your project, we come out to your home and use a Digital Template Machine, which allows us to take perfect measurements.

These measurements go to our computer, which sends them to the machine in our shop. We lay the slab on the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine. Countertops must be cut perfectly to prevent waste. Each material also requires different handling, so we train our employees to program the machine specifically for your project. The CNC limits human error, ensuring that your countertops fit your specifications.

The CNC also handles polishing. It uses diamond polishing pads and raises the grit level until it reaches the desired polish. Usually, this happens at the same time the machine shapes the edges. (It’s important for you to know this because if your natural stone countertops are ever lightly scratched, you can use sandpaper to buff out the scratch! We do recommend you call us if the scratches are severe, though.) Afterward, the machine applies a sealant if it’s natural stone, making the surface almost 100% nonporous.

After the polishing stage, our employees use a specialized grinder called a seam phantom to prepare the seams before installation. This makes the seams less noticeable, and, in some cases, makes them completely invisible.

The slabs are then loaded into our van and taken to the installation location. We mount the countertops onto the intended frame, bracing them with corbels if necessary. At that time, we color-match a high-quality resin and apply it to the seams. A laser level ensures that the surfaces are completely flat before the resin is left to dry, and clamps keep the countertops from shifting. Once the resin dries, we use a polishing machine to buff it and polish the resin so it matches the surrounding countertop.

At that time, we drill the holes for your faucets and any other required openings. We set your sinks and make sure they fit properly. Depending on which type of sink you chose, we use special mounts to hold them in place.
Afterward, we give you instructions for care and maintenance. Enjoy your new countertops!

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