Prestige by BPI

What is Prestige by BPI?

For over 55 years, Building Plastics, Inc. (BPI) has served as a vendor for top-of-the-line countertops. Employee-owned, they seek to offer you the best price and quality. They offer commercial and residential options, so you will find one that suits your needs.

What are the Pros of Prestige by BPI?

  • They offer a 15-year warranty for both residential and commercial purchases.
  • Durable and low-maintenance, these countertops bring the class and beauty of natural stone without the headache of caring for them.
  • They resist heat so they won’t become discolored, but we still recommend using pot holders and trivets.
  • You don’t have to worry about acids etching them, and they resist bacteria and mold.

What are the Cons of Prestige by BPI?

  • Mostly heat resistant, prolonged exposure to hot pans can cause minimal damage.
  • They do not offer as many color options as other quartz distributors.

How to Care and Maintain Prestige by BPI

  • Use mild cleaner and water daily.
  • Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners.

The Best Uses of Prestige by BPI

Prestige by BPI makes your business or home look chic. You can use it in bathrooms or kitchens. Please avoid installing it outdoors.

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