When you begin the design process, you want to consider the whole room. Think about how the space will function. How you use the space will help determine what materials will work best for you.

Material Selection

The materials are the first things to consider when beginning the design process. (You can check out our product pages for specifics about each of the materials we offer.) When thinking about materials, you want to consider the following questions:

  • Will you be anxious about what others leave on your counters, worried about stains and scratching?
  • Do you have time for upkeep or do you want something low maintenance?
  • What cleaning products do you use?
  • Will your countertops be exposed to solvents or heat?”

Edge Selections

We fabricate your countertops in our warehouse, so you get to customize the edges of your countertops to suit your aesthetic. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you want a smoother edge to help limit injuries from children bumping their heads or adults banging their hips?
  • Will you have an overhang for bar stools?
  • What is your overall style?
    • Minimalistic?
    • Traditional?
    • Geometric?

Sink Type

When using a solid countertop material, like granite, quartz, soapstone, marble, quartzite, etc, you have the option of updating your kitchen sink to be an undermount. Undermount sinks are more pleasing to the eye, and any crumbs can simply be brushed into the sink and sprayed out. Having an undermount sink installed offers a cleaner, sleeker, & more modern look. Farmhouse sinks are also fairly popular. They protrude out past the front of your cabinetry, providing a larger bowl. We can install our countertops around these sinks as well.

Here are some further things to consider when selecting a sink:

  • What finish did you choose for your appliances or for your hardware? A matching sink finish can bring a sense of cohesion to your home.
  • What is your dishwashing-style? Do you prefer for your sink to have a divider or do you like one large basin?
  • Will you be using a garbage disposal? You may want to select a sink with more than one drain if you are using a disposal. There’s nothing that says you can’t have a garbage disposal with a single drain sink, just note that everything may drain slower, if all must pass through the disposal.


If we know your cooktop or range style, we can better assist you in your countertop choice.

  • Freestanding:  This option requires us to cut the countertops, so the stove fits smoothly. We also carefully smooth the edges to avoid scratching your appliances when you move them in and out of place.
  • Drop-In: This option requires us to cut the space for the cooktop, much like we prep spaces for sinks. We also consider the mounting hardware to ensure your stove fits neatly and firmly in place.


We provide several options of backsplash for your consideration. We can fabricate a backsplash from your countertop material or, you can add more variation to your kitchen by selecting a tile for your backsplash. We can recommend a handful of wonderful local tile installers to help your vision become a reality.

  • Are you installing the backsplash yourself? If you are, and it’s your first time installing tile, we recommend choosing a more straightforward option.
  • Do you have a color scheme? The backsplash can be a focal point, a bright spot of color in an otherwise neutral-toned room. Or you can choose a neutral pattern and color to allow some flexibility in your paint choices.
  • Do you understand the maintenance and upkeep of the material you chose? For example, dark, shiny tile looks sleek and modern, but dust shows up more readily. If you don’t have time to schedule a regular cleaning, you may want to go with an earth tone.

Let us help you with this process.

If this process seems overwhelming, Rachel Holley can help!

Download the design PDF  so that she can see a rough sketch of your space. She can help you pull the room together!

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