Edge Options

We offer several options for edging your countertops. Choosing the edge depends on your style and usage. You should also consider the thickness of your countertop material since the thinner slabs offer fewer edge options.


This design is a straight cut, with a gentle bevel added to the top. It’s the best option for people who prefer straight lines. This is our most popular edge as it is sleek and timeless.

Heavy Bevel

Our machine cuts a 45-degree angle along the edge. This geometric option looks modern and chic


Instead of curving outward, the Cove design curves inward at the top, while still creating a straight edge. This option fits traditional aesthetics, giving your countertops an elegant profile.


This design forms a perfect half-circle. People with fragile family members prefer this design because there’s less chance of injury if you bump into them. The smooth rounded underside of this edge makes it a popular choice for areas where people will be sitting.


Akin to the Bullnose, without being rounded underneath. This edge has a more gradual sloping edge than our Quarter Round edge has.

Quarter Round

Offers a gently rounded top that rolls down vertically. This is a perfect blend of our Straight edge & our Demi-Bullnose edge.


Add a rustic look to your countertops with a hand-chiseled edge. We smooth out the rough edge, so that the finished product looks rustic, but feels pleasant to the touch. This edge has great popularity for outdoor kitchens.


A separate piece of stone is cut and attached to the underside of the countertop to create an illusion of the stone looking thicker. This is sometimes chosen for commercial applications in restrooms to obscure plumbing from being visible, while also being ADA-accessible.


A full panel of countertop material is mitered and cut to extend down the face of a cabinet. This edge option is usually chosen for materials with heavy veining. The pieces will be cut in such a way that the veining “flows” down the side of the cabinet. Since this edge requires a lot of extra material and additional fabrication expect a higher cost than other edge options.


Our machine creates an “S” shape, reminiscent of classical design. It brings a sense of luxury to your home, while still fitting most traditional aesthetics.


If you don’t like any of these options, you can combine a few of them to create a custom look that fits your personal taste.
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