Quartz from MSI

What is Quartz from MSI?

MSI, a leading nationwide distributor, sources their trend-worthy Q™ Premium Natural Quartz colors from over 25 quartz suppliers worldwide, and some of their quartz is manufactured domestically at MSI’s quartz factory in Latta, South Carolina. The quartz line carried by MSI is North America’s largest and most popular quartz brand.

What are the Pros of Quartz from MSI?

  • Family-owned and operated, Quartz from MSI has invested almost fifty years in its products.
  • MSI continuously researches to make sure that their prices remain competitive.
  • MSI uses third-party testers to ensure that their products are non-toxic and safe for your home.
  • Treated and pressed, with polymers added to their resin, engineered quartz is incredibly strong and durable, capable of resisting common damage like scratches, chips, cracks, and etching.
  • This 99.9% solid, nonporous material is highly stain-resistant and food-safe, thanks to resistance to bacteria, mold, and other microbes.
  • The Q™ Quartz collection includes over 100 quartz colors, with timeless and trendy designs that elevate your interior and add value to your home. Some of their colors are available in a concrete finish, adding a tactile texture to your surface.
  • Sealing is never required!
  • As a residential customer, you’ll enjoy a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty by purchasing and installing any Q™ Premium Natural Quartz product. In addition, MSI also offers a 10-Year Commercial Warranty for business purchases. Go here to register your product.

What are the Cons of Quartz from MSI?

  • The white countertop options tend to darken and become yellow over time. If you avoid using it in areas that receive a lot of UV light, you can prevent this.
  • Water stains can mar the surface of your countertops. A gentle, non-abrasive scrub usually takes care of that problem.
  • Quartz from MSI discolors if brought into contact with direct heat. Use pot holders or trivets to avoid this.

How to Care and Maintain Quartz from MSI

  • Wipe down daily with mild cleaner and water.
  • Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners. If you have stubborn stains, use a cleaner like Bar Keeper’s friend to scrub them gently. Bar Keeper’s friend is formulated for quartz countertops if used according to instructions.
  • Avoid setting hot pots and pans on your countertops, as the heat causes discoloration.
  • Avoid exposure to permanent ink, nail polish remover, and bleach-based cleaners.

The Best Uses of Quartz from MSI

Quartz of MSI brings an elegant touch to your home. We recommend using it in your kitchens or bathrooms. We caution against using engineered quartz outside as it will become sun damaged and its warranty voided.
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