Countertop Maintenance Products

It is important to have the right products when caring for your countertop.

  • Use mild soap and water to clean your marble countertops daily.  
  • Apply a marble polish every three to six months. Careful re-sealing of marble keeps it from staining.
  • Use coasters if your drink is acidic and clean spills quickly.
  • Avoid spilling oil on your marble countertops.
  • Never use harsh cleaners because these impact the sealant.
  • Never cut foods on marble countertops as this can scratch the surface.
  • If you do happen to stain your countertop, apply a baking soda paste over the stain, cover the paste with plastic and allow it to dry for at least twenty-four hours. Clean as usual with soap and water. (Note: Sometimes, it may take several applications of paste for the stain to be fully rectified.)


We have been recommending Stone Care products for years.  Their cleaner products are streak-free and natural stone safe. They work on Granite, Quartz as well as other natural stones.  They are a good product for safely cleaning your countertops.


Polishing stone prevents dulling, rings and streaks and it provides a protective coating to stone. It’s also great for the appearance of stone by enhancing the natural color and refreshing the sheen.

It’s important to use polishes formulated for use on stone. We recommend you apply a granite polish such as Stone Care International Granite & Stone Polish weekly for maximum protection.


Sealing natural stone is the most important thing you can do to preserve it’s beauty for as long as possible. Using a penetrating sealer, like the ones made by Stone Care International, provides more thorough protection against stains and dulling than a simple coating sealant.

Their professional-grade sealers are great for achieving a strong seal on a variety of natural stones and are easy to use.

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