What is Viatera?

LG Viatera Quartz offers another great quartz countertop option! From neutral options like Encore Brushed to pops of color like the brilliant red Lava Ice, you will find the perfect countertop to fit your style. If you need more choices, LG Viatera offers three hundred different designs.

What are the Pros of Viatera?

  • Viatera does not warp. You can use it on stainless steel frames in your industrial kitchen or bond it to concrete in your basement laundry room. Either way, it holds its shape, even carrying a heavy load.
  • Noncombustible, Viatera brings a modern facelift to your fireplace!
  • If you prefer quartz countertop options that look natural (without the price tag and the high maintenance), Viatera offers several designs similar to natural stone.
  • LG Viatera’s formulation resists stains and does not discolor if briefly exposed to heat.
  • Budget-friendly and high quality, you can rest assured that you won’t break the bank while achieving your aesthetic.

What are the Cons of Viatera?

  • Touted for its durability, Viatera endures most stress. However, dropping heavy objects on your countertop may cause chipping.
  • Its heat resistance means it can withstand brief exposure to high heat, but we recommend using pot holders or trivets.
  • Its surface will become scratched, so please do not cut foods directly on your countertops. We recommend using a cutting board.
  • Harsh chemicals, such as acetone, can cause staining or etching. Please avoid spilling these chemicals on your countertops. Wipe up all liquid spills immediately.

How to Care and Maintain Viatera

  • Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners. Do not use bleach on your Viatera counters. We recommend green, gentle cleaners like Mrs. Meyers or Simple Green for stains.
  • Use a plastic putty knife if your countertops have a sticky residue like gum or candle wax. Please do not use metal scrapers, as this will mar the surface.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth daily.
  • Always use cutting boards when chopping foods to avoid scratching and chipping your countertops, and invest in a set of pot holders to prevent heat damage.

The Best Uses of Viatera

Viatera’s various colors make it an excellent choice for your home or business. Viatera is the best option if your style tends to be modern and sleek. (We do not recommend installing Viatera outdoors.)

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